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Moni Majhi is a contemporary visual artist lives in Khulna. He is Making connections with contemporary art by exploring the uniqueness of art in geographical environment. The politics of environmental degradation and destruction and its impact on Bangladesh as a whole and its own expression at this moment of existential crisis have been expressed in the contemporary language through interdisciplinary art, installation art, sound art, video art, community based art, etc. Artists are moving out of the conventional room or gallery and experimenting in public spaces to establish a universal connection with art. He feels more comfortable working with everyone than practicing art alone. Moni Majhi is a founder of “Shwasmul Arts”. It’s a contemporary art platform in Khulna. There are practices of new linguistic contemporary art and collective new art and artist. Moni Majhi Studied from Kala Bhavana, Santiniketan, Rabindra Bharati University, and Khulna Art College.


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Name Moni Majhi
Email moinuddinmoni33@gmail.com
Occupation Professional Artist

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