Today the GAINS Group is the smallest private-sector group in Bangladesh. GAINS Group was founded in 2020 by Mahananda Gain. Since the early days, the Group works with respect. We hope for The GAIN’S GROUP and we believe that in the future it has become one of the most recognizable brand names in Bangladesh. It is synonymous with innovation, trust, and quality.


Gain’s Group believes in serving the people and the country; not only in doing business and making a profit. Our concerns always try to offer the best services and products to customers for attaining their full satisfaction, as the group endorses the notion that customers are the ultimate determining factor in the success of any organization. It always strives to introduce new products and services to the customers. We believe that no organization can grow without a dedicated workforce behind it. It values and nurtures its officials, employees, and other members of the staff accordingly.


At present Gain’s Group is a small community in Bangladesh. But It wishes to go far ahead from where as soon as possible. The group wants to be the largest business community in the country and we hope for the biggest contributor, from the private sector to the economic and social development, We are all time besides of Art and Culture related any type of work for the new generation. It also wishes to bring more people under job and thus become the largest employer in the private sector. At the ending, we are again to remember that Gain’s Group always besides with general people, who work for own and who work for the country.