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  • Name: Construction of the Empire
  • Media: Intaglio process
  • Year: 2019-12-08
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  • Media
  • Intaglio process

I felt that current situation in the world is very critical. we are at war with nature because we are destroying nature and is trying to save itself. in today's urban life, our field of vision is very limited and we only see buildings wherever our eyes go. urbanization is a process that drives people from rural areas to cities of a brighter life, peoples occupations and social norms. it has created many social problem. The industrial revolution in the early 19 century led to man's dependence on machines, which the romantics opposed theoretically. in my work I have tried to find the tune of returning to nature. nature is Beautiful by itself. it is the responsibility of all of us to keep nature natural and beautiful. I have realized this time again my artistic language. before the industrial revolution the social system was simple. when nature is destroyed people change with it and human become psychotic and mechanical for this reason sense and social Outlook are destroyed. when people really destroyed nature and build huge break and stone structure, I feel that someone has cut and bruised the beautiful bosom of nature in various ways. industrialization has made people's life miserable and painful and as a reflection of that I have dominated my artworks with city buildings and warm colours like red, yellow, and orange.

Name Shaikh Parvej Al- Mamun
Phone 01911658123
Occupation Professional Artist