Artwork Details

  • Name: Life of event-01
  • Media: Mixed (Etching - Aquatint and woodcut)
  • Year: 2022-11-02
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  • Media
  • Mixed (Etching - Aquatint and woodcut)

I this work basically the artist tried to capture different types of motion. This movement basically tried to express the ongoing ups and downs, obstacles and thoughts of different periods of human life. The artist has tried to show who during a war in his work. What we normally see is a number of scattered aircraft flying in the upper part of the image, some of which are quite clear and some of which appear to be coming out of a cloud of smoke or the smoke that is generated by these aircraft after some kind of attack. It seems to be coming out of there. On the other side we see something like a boundary wall, with a fenced off section. Another part of the picture shows the shape of a spinning wheel, with this wheel the artist has basically tried to convey the current situation. In another part we see some abstract safes, with which the artist basically tried to explain his scattered life. Abstract This form is of black color. Right in the middle of the picture we see a wood carving.

Name Mahananda Gain
Phone 01911611991
Occupation Professional Artist